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Step Up in Style & Buy Kantha Work Sarees Online

Soft, striking floral patterns are the mainstay of Kantha work sarees. One of the most interesting embroideries of India, Kantha work has been used by designers in India and across the globe for its unique styles and designs. What’s most fascinating about this embroidery is that it depicts the clear imagination of the artist in the form of Kantha stitch designs.

Kantha work sarees are renowned for depicting important moments of a women’s life as well. Some of the rarest geometrical designs can be found in these sarees. Kantha work is most popularly done on tussar silk. A lot of symbols of Kantha sarees are borrowed from primitive art. Therefore, you will see a splashing of the tree of life, a cosmos or even a bright sun on these sarees. The positive pattern of these sarees has also made them popular for religious ceremonies. One can also find stories from the Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana being presented in the form of Kantha stitch that makes this art form highly fascinating.

Make a smart choice, buy kantha work sarees online. There is a high range of selection to choose from at Utsav Fashion and it also offers the best custom tailoring online. Kantha work sarees have an appealing look that has impressed one and all. Kantha work handbags are also popular among the young and old alike. Kantha handbags are large sling bags embroidered in bright colors. This type of hand embroidery is traditionally followed in the state of West Bengal. The region is also popular for many forms of printing such as Batik printing and wooden block printing.

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