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Buy Handloom Woven Ikat Sarees Online for a Unique Look

Ikat refers to a dyeing technique where the fiber is treated before it is colored. The desired pattern is embedded into the fiber and is developed into Ikat sarees with multicolored patterns. In double ikat sarees, the warp as well as weft is resist dyed before weaving. It is a unique technique of tie and dye of the weft, which is delicately intertwined with plain weft to weave interesting patterns on the fabric. Depending on how the weft and warp is integrated into the fabric, the women sarees are identified as single ikat and double ikat. Such pattern weaving of these sarees has been around since times immemorial. It comprises a repetitive process of dyeing depending on the color patterns used.

Powerful women of politics and corporate world prefer wearing Ikat sarees. The weaving process of Ikat sarees is complicated and requires skilled and experienced laborers to produce intricate patterns. Ikat sarees are usually designed with attractive geometrical patterns. One can identify them with the bold choice of colors, designs and patterns. Usually made on cotton and silk, Ikat sarees use thick fabrics and also tend to have a slight gloss. These sarees are adorned with heavy thread bordering and pallus. Silk sarees can be worn on casual and formal occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. They have gained popularity across the globe because of the style, art and designs. A cheaper variety of these sarees has also evolved over the years and are known as Patan Patola sarees, which are created using cheaper raw materials. This work is also being identified and promoted by the government because it gives employment to many handloom weavers across the country.