The Versatility of White Tunics

A white tunic is one of the most versatile garments to own as it can be paired with almost anything. A tunic is one of the oldest forms of fashion in the world, first worn in ancient Greece and Rome. In India, this garment is referred to as a kurti and can be paired with almost any bottom wear quite easily. Traditionally, a tunic is most commonly paired with salwar pants, which are loose pants tied with a drawstring. To complete the outfit, women would also throw a drape or dupatta over their shoulder. In other types of attires, a Indo western tunic shirt can be worn with a lehenga skirt as well as churidar pants. However, the kurti is not just limited to Indian ethnic attire anymore. Most women are seen pairing their white tunics with jeans, leggings and in some cases, even long skirts and dhoti pants.

Of late, white tunic tops in India have been designed in a way that keeps in mind the western sense of aesthetics. This means that these tops can be created in a variety of styles with almost any sort of embroidery or color used to define them. While some of these tops are taken down the traditional route and usually have Indian embroidery such as Phulkari, Chikan, Gota, Peeplam or Zardozi, most others are designed in a way to appeal to audiences from across the globe and are known for being a little quirky. Often, patterns that are abstract or patterns that incorporate pop cultural themes or prints are designed and worn widely in India by younger women. With certain fashion trends such as color blocking and mixing prints being prevalent at the moment, young women in India are known to mix and match their kurtis with different bottoms and chunnis to create a unique and individualistic look that highlights their own preferences.

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a white tunic top is that the color itself can be paired with practically anything. All forms of print, patterns or motifs on the bottom half of the outfit can be paired with this top as the color tends to balance out the loudness and create an overall look that can be quite pleasing to the eye. These white tunic dresses are far from plain; most of these tops seen today usually have either a textured fabric or some form of embroidery or style that keeps it from being boring.

Accessorizing White Tunic Tops

A white tunic dress is quite versatile and can be paired up with many different outfits. Women who are a little on the conservative side are known to pair these tops with colored salwars, leggings or jeans along with minimalistic jewelry. This look works especially well for someone who spends their time in a formal environment such as an office as it offers the best of both worlds: it is neither too loud aesthetically nor does it limit the woman in terms of accessorizing. Pairing this outfit with either Indian jewelry or street jewelry is a good option. With the former, one needs to ensure that the jewelry matches the overall tone of the outfit and does not come across as garish. With the latter, women are known to generally match shades of the colors they are wearing to the more neutral tones of gold or silver to complete the look.

With footwear most women who choose to dress formally can afford to pair high heeled shoes or even stilettos with this look. However, the most comfortable and practical form of footwear are wedge heels as they allow the wearer to stand or move about for long hours without tiring. Women who work in formal environments are also known to opt forwestern handbags which complement the fusion vibe of these garments. Apart from fashion, these handbags also serve a more practical purpose – they allow these women to carry everything they need easily. As is the case with their jewelry, women can opt to match their handbag with the shades or colors of their pants or they can choose more neutral shades like beige, white or black to carry on a daily basis.

On the other hand, younger women, when wearing a white tunic blouse are known to experiment far more than their older counterparts. These women love layering scarves or stoles or even, at times, dupattas with their tops to add another dimension to their look. Their pants, whether they choose palazzos, salwars, jeans or leggings, tend to be of a different color than the scarves as they love to mix and match elements from their wardrobe to create a fun, quirky look. These women always choose junk jewelry over jewelry made from precious metals to pair with their black and white tunic in order to add a dash of color and street style. Long white tunics or a black and white tunic dress are widely popular and paired with Pakistani pants that look great with tops that come as low as the ankle. White tunic sweaters are popular as well. For casual occasions, opt to wear flat shoes, chappals, flip flops and V shaped footwear. All of these different styling options make the women’s white tunic an extremely versatile outfit to posses.

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