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  • MANGALSUTRA-The Sacred Symbol of Hindu Marriage
  • A mangalsutra is a hindu symbol of marriage, consisting of a gold ornament strung from a yellow thread, a string of black beads or a gold chain. It is comparable to a Western wedding ring, and is worn by a married woman until her husband’s death. Mangalsutra are made in numerous designs. When a marriage is arranged, the pattern is usually chosen by the groom’s family according to their customs.
  • A Hindu marriage symbolizes not just a bonding of two individuals but also the bonding of understanding, commitment, mutual love and spiritual growth.
  • In Hindu tradition marriage is not just about celebration and fun it demands sacrifice, companionship, dedication, and surrender by both the partners. Each and every ritual and custom associated with marriage portrays the real essence of wedding.
  • Mangalsutra is one such symbol of marriage. It is not just a piece of jewelry. On the contrary, it has a lot of significance to a Hindu married woman. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by married women as a symbol of their marriage. Infact, Mangalya dharanam (literally “wearing the mangalya”) is the most important part of a Hindu marriage ceremony.
  • The groom ties it around the neck of the bride on the day of their marriage signifying their union. It is known by different names in different states of the country. In south India it is known as ‘Thaali’ or ‘Mangalsutra’ in north India.In Tamil Nadu and in a few other states, Thaali’s are tied on a thick yellow thread. When the thread is worn out, they are replaced by a new thread. Thaali’s of different shapes and sizes are used by different communities based on their particular customs. Thaali are of different types namely – embithai thaali, amathaali, kolunthu thaali, variven thaali and manikka thaali. This Thaali is associated with the weapon of Lord Mahavishnu. It is believed that Lord Krishna wore amathaali (shape of tortoise) and kolunthu thaali (tender leaves). Thaali is considered auspicious by the married women and they wear it till their death or their husband’s death.
  • Mangalsutra is the token of dignity and love given to a bride by her groom. The most common type is made of two strings of small black beads with a locket or pendant It is also made of small beads of gold and black beads with gold and diamond pendant. The black beads signify protection from evil power. It is believed to protect their marriage and life of their husbands. It is considered auspicious for married women to wear mangalsutra after marriage. Though today the trend is changing, as most of them don’t wear a mangalsutra.
  • Today the concept of wearing a mangalsutra has changed. It is more a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage. And credit goes to the daily soaps and Hindi movies. Even the style has also changed over the years. Previously women use to wear simple design mangalsutra with small pendants but now the trend is to wear short length with single string and instead of gold pendant they prefer diamond pendants. But the black beads remain constant. But whatever may be the reason to wear it symbolizes the real essence and concept of marriage.

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