• The largest variety by any stretch of the imagination
  • Absolutely and incredibly authentic stuff from master craftsmen.
  • ‘Exclusive’ sarees that cannot be found anywhere else in the online market.
  • Different varieties of sarees sourced from different states – all in one
  • Every colour, every fabric, every kind of work, every style available.
  • The charm of saree has allured not only in the Indian woman but also the women abroad. It’s a traditional apparel of the Asian Indian woman which is long unstitched cloth measuring about 5 to 9 yards in length available in different colors, fabrics and designs.
  • The changing fashion trends have led to a sea change in the wardrobe of the modern Indian woman. Today’s woman whether she belongs to the corporate world or is a homemaker, is far more conscious of her appearance than ever before. Now willing to experiment with her clothes, she wants to be traditional yet fashionable, sari being the best option.
  • Saree has two borders running along its length and has a pallu, which is a 1 to 3 foot section at the other end, which continues and elaborates the length wise decoration. A saree is worn over a petticoat with a blouse.
  • Sarees are available in a wide range of colours using different fabrics. In the yesteryears they were hand woven and were made of fabrics like cotton, silk, but over the years the technical advancement has led to the emergence of mechanical looms on which artificial fibres are increasingly being used to manufacture saree fabrics like nylon, rayon, polyester. Some other saree fabrics are georgette, crepe, chiffon, organza, satin, organdie and so on.
  • Saree, the most versatile garment originated due to the sub continent weather conditions. Every region in India has a distinct style of saree, which has developed over the centuries and is worn by women of all age groups. These sarees differ from one another on the basis of fabrics, drapping style, motifs.
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All about Saree

Six yards of cloth. That is all there is to the saree. Yet, this dress worn by millions of Indian women is, by far, the most elegant. It is not merely an outfit but an ornament, lending both grace and glamour to the wearer.
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Buy Saree Tips

A perfect saree can make your personality but wrong fabric and wrong choice of saree can equally ruin your personality. Buying a correct fabric and color for your self is must.
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Designer sarees

Designer sarees are perfect for today’s women who wants to go trendy. Designer wear means exclusive cuts, designs, colors embellished with beads, zardosi, crystals, kundans and a variety of other works.
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Block Printing Sarees

Block printing, a craft handed down through generations is in the forefront of the fashion scene today. The earliest records mention the printing centers in the south, the craft seems to prevalent all over India
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Dyeing Sarees

The process of applying color to fiber stock, yarn or fabric is called dyeing. There may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the fibers or yarns. Sarees are dyed in different colors.
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Printing Sarees

The process of decorating textile fabrics by applying pigments dyes or other related material in the form of patterns is called Printing. Printing enhances the look and appeal of saree and makes it a perfect look.
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Saree Attire

One of the most sensuous of Indian attire- the sari, adorns a woman to become modest and attractive in it. It is not cumbersome but a great antique that suits to any occasion for that perfect killer looks.
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Saree Glossary

Saree glossary helps to know more terms related to Indian sarees and attires. You get to know maximum terms related to Indian attires. You can go through this for knowing fashion terms in a better way.
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Saree Occasion

There are different dresses for different occasions. Saree is most popular among them which can be worn at many occasions. Each saree is worn according to the different occasions.
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Blouse Petticoat

A petticoat is an undergarment; it is a skirt waist to floor length, with a string to tie, which holds the saree in place. A blouse also known as a ‘choli’, is tightly fitted piece of garment worn under a saree.
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Cheap Sarees

Due to the all types of customers, online stores now also offers cheap low price sarees befitting the budgets and pockets of all type pf customers. These sarees are mostly in prints and also proves best for daily wear.
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Saree Fabrics

Sarees are available in number of fabrics like georgette, cotton, chiffon, crepe, silk, lazer, faux and pure for different seasons and different occasions. One can easily choose from these fabrics for different occasions.
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Designer Blouses

A designer blouse may have a sequins and beads work. A designer blouses may also have an embroidery work in gold and bronze threads. With dofferent cuts and styles designer blouses gives a perfect look.
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Indian Textiles

India has a diverse and rich textile tradition. India’s textiles both woven and printed that have dazzled the world have their own fabulous stories to tell. Indian textile fabrics are used in making beautiful sarees.
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Saree Articles

Women have always been a subject of beauty and curiosity. The more they shroud themselves behind the fabric the more they arouse the element of curiosity. Saree articles help them to know what’s in fashion.
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Saree Fashion

Saris have always been women’s attractions. It has retained its beauty over centuries. Fashion comes and goes but saris are same though they have nder gone a change with the changing eras and period.
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Saree Maintenance

Wrapping a sari is an art but maintaining the attire is something that require more attention. There are few suggestions to maintain your saris. Different fabrics have different characteristics.
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Saree Shop / Saree Gallery

Shopping is a pleasure especially for those who have the knack for bargaining. Important centers of shopping are Jaipur, south India, lucknow where all types of sarees are made.
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Beige net resham embroidered saree. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
By sunu from merseyside united kingdom on 5/9/2013 11:43:37 PM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :gorgeous saree, looks even better than the photograph, amazing, very happy with this saree.
Different occasions demand different looks and the design finds much importance after the rich the colour. This suede cream faux georgette saree with blouse is beautifully designed. This saree is embellished with golden dot print, resham, zari, sequins and patch work. Deep fawn raw silk blouse is available with this and the blouse shown is only for photography purpose. Slight variation in color and patch patti pattern is possible.
   Beautiful Saree
By Texan from Texas on 5/8/2013 8:58:52 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : This is a very beautiful saree and true to the picture. Very impressed with it
Wine faux chiffon saree designed with resham, zari and patch border work. As shown matching blouse can be made available and also can be customized as per your style or pattern subject to fabric limitation. (Slight variation in color is possible. )
By Mahreen from NEW JERSEY on 5/17/2013 5:34:45 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Comments :I just bought this saree and i love the color and stitching
Purple and light green net and brasso faux georgette saree designed with zari, resham, stone and patch border work. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
   Superb Saree
By Devi from Melbourne on 5/17/2013 5:20:06 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :Saree is just as same as photo…thanks to utsav to sell such a beautiful and latest designed sarees….i want to say just one word…that …..I loved it………