Peppy Double Color Sarees

A double colour saree is a saree that show cases two different colors. The placement of the colors and the hues depends on the creativity of the designer. A double color saree is an innovative take on the conventional saree, which is considered a great example of India’s rich and beautiful cultural heritage. This improvisation showcases a more contemporary flavor and appeals to women across the globe. Since there have been many innovations, improvisations and revivalist movements in the Indian crafts industries, especially those related to the saree, tweaking the hues seems like a simpler innovation. However, its effects are actually more widespread than other forms of ethnic innovations in the saree.

The most contemporary variation of two colour sarees are the half n’ half sarees. This type basically showcases one color on the pleats or the body of the saree and a different color on the pallu. These colors can be complementary like black and beige or yellow and off white or even contrasting like red and blue or black and hot pink. The drape of this type of two color combination saree started off on the ramp and has since become popular across India. One of the major reasons for its widespread popularity is that it has been worn by many Bollywood starlets and has been embraced by famous women across the globe.

In double color sarees, designs are very important to the overall piece. This is because a two tone saree is worn on occasions like office parties, anniversaries, cocktails and other gala events. It is a common misconception that two color sarees have no other designer element in them and that the extent of beauty in the saree are the two tones. In fact in a two color saree, designs can vary based upon the creative vision of the designer. Cut dana work, zardozi embroidery, patch work embroidery, sequin work, zari, bead work and gota-patti are some of the most popular forms of designing that are often seen on such a saree.

Although the term ‘two color saree’ brings to mind the image of a saree in two disparate colors on different parts, there are many traditional sarees that have used this concept and made it a part of the weave of the saree. A Kanjivaram saree for instance is woven with threads in two different colors, with the mixed hue running through the length of the saree, giving it a very grand look.

Styling Tips for Vibrant Two Tone Sarees

A dual color saree is a popular choice for any party or formal event. For such events, there are certain accessories that should be a part of the wardrobe.

Gold Jewelry: Gold neckpieces, maang tikka, earrings and finger rings are the safest bet when it comes to a designer dual colored saree that is meant for more formal occasions like a cocktail party. Since gold is festive and grand, designers usually tend to use some gold elements in the saree. For this reason, gold jewelry can really jazz up your look in a classy and sophisticated way.

Colored Stone Jewelry: Since a play on colors is the overarching theme of the look when sporting a double color saree, it is a good idea to have neckpieces and earrings in different colors especially for casual events like informal parties. While these can match one of the colors of the saree, they can also be in a color that is part of the saree’s pattern as opposed to the saree itself. For instance with a blue and white dual saree with red and gold patchwork border, the neckpieces can show case rubies or other red-colored stones that will highlight the saree and not steal focus from it.

Neutral Colored Footwear: One of the most understated yet important accessories with any saree is the footwear. With double colored sarees it is important to refrain from overdoing the ‘color’. Since the saree and most likely jewelry will be colorful, the footwear can be kept a lot more sober and neutral in tone. Beige and off-white are good options for occasions that are less formal. However, at events like weddings that need grandeur, one can sport metallic colors like gold and silver or opt for bejeweled shoes with crystal or white beads work.

Clutches and Purses: The overall aim of accessorizing with two tone sarees is to ensure that the saree is the highlight of one’s look and not the decorative elements. For this reason, simple jeweled clutches with a single stud or even multiple neutral colored studs are a good option. Contrary to common perception sling bags also look good with a saree. In this case one should ensure that the bag is also in muted tones.

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