Versatile Crepe Sarees

A saree is one of the most alluring Indian garments for women. It has been doing the rounds for centuries, though the form, drape and design have evolved with the changing times. No other garment in the world consists of a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and draped over the torso. It is complemented with a fitted blouse and long skirt called the ‘petticoat’, which is pretty unique. Another exciting fact about sari is that it is surprisingly versatile and available in many different varieties. Women of all body types look amazing if draped properly.

Besides the traditional cotton and silk, you can find them crafted with various materials today. Modern fabrics like chiffon, georgette and polyester have now become immensely popular. However, crepe sarees are arguably the most popular contemporary saris, especially for formal occasions and work wear. Crepe has been around in western fashion for many years but it has not really been that popular in India until very recently. In the last few decades, designers and artisans began to discover the beauty and utility of this woven fabric and began to use it to make all types of Indian outfits.

The main appeal of crepe sarees lies in their uniquely crisp and crinkled appearance. They are woven with a hard twist using certain special techniques, which gives them a very beautiful drape and subtle sheen. Women love wearing pure crepe sarees to office because of their wrinkle-free properties. They allow them to look smart and fresh till the end of the day. Moreover, they fit beautifully and look extremely flattering. Though the fabric is quite heavy, it sits very lightly on the skin and hence is quite comfortable.

You can use different types of materials to create crepe sarees. Traditionally, silk is the material that is supposed to be used here. Crepe silk sarees are amongst the finest ones in the market; they come with a distinctive sheen and elegant drape that instantly sets them apart. They can be worn for special occasions like weddings and parties as well as office wear. Amongst the contemporary ethnic wear collections, crepe chiffon sarees are the most popular. These have a fluid, body-hugging fit and a thinner, lighter appearance. Other fabrics like georgette, cotton, rayon and polyester can also be used to create crepe sarees.

The designs on these sarees can vary vastly. There are many different designs and patterns to choose from, based on what occasion they are required for. Plain crepe sarees come with little to no decorations or prints. These are typically preferred for office wear. Though they are plain, sober and low-key, the beautiful drape and aesthetic of the material ensures that they do not look boring or ugly in anyway. In fact, plain crepe sarees can be very sensual and appealing when paired with the right blouse and accessories. When styled right, they can even be worn for special occasions. Another popular variety for work wear is the printed crepe sarees which come with Indian designs of all kinds. These prints can be created using machines, in the modern fashion, though in India, traditionally, hand prints using carved wooden blocks are the norm. Such hand printed crepe sarees combine an Indian aesthetic with a formal, western drape which makes them truly unique fusion garments. Popular motifs include nature inspired prints of flowers, fruits and birds, as well as intricate and artistic designs of the printers’ own imagination.

Designer crepe sarees are the fanciest varieties created exclusively by high-fashion designers using the finest materials and unique designs. They often come with intricate embroidery, embellishments and one-of-a-kind patterns.

Styles and Trends of Pretty Crepe Sarees

With the emergence of online shopping for ethnic garments, it has become extremely easy for women to get all kinds of crepe sarees online. Many trusted ethnic fashion retailers have today put their gorgeous crepe sarees’ collection on online portals for women across the world to access. What is more, along with getting stunning silk, chiffon and pure crepe sarees online, women can also get interesting accessories and jewelry pieces to complete their ensemble. The pieces chosen would depend on the type of saree being worn. With a plain chiffon saree, a striking beaded necklace or Teracotta and Thewa jewelry would be a good choice. With a designer one, slightly more ornate jewelry pieces such as Polki earrings or oxidized silver necklace sets would work well. High heel sandals would complement the fall of the saree well and make it look very elegant.

When shopping for crepe silk sarees online, women should make sure they get more subtle jewelry to match them. This includes pretty pearl necklaces, stone-studded earrings and gold bangles.

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