• We have our finger on the style of West and tradition of East.
  • We have an in-house team of designers for the embroidery work.
  • We use innovative fabrics like tussar, jute and faux crepe.
  • We can get your tunics tailored from your preferred saree or the unstitched dress materials in our showcase.
  • Tunics in all sizes are available of every design.

Bollywood movies are notable for having exuberant dance numbers featuring flashy clothing. For people who would like to bring a bit of that excitement home, Bollywood inspired tunics are readily available.

Cotton and silk are very common fabrics used in the making of tunics. These quality components ensure that the tunics will be light and comfortable, whether they have long sleeves and lacy frills or simple design and spaghetti straps. The beauty of these Bollywood inspiredtunics is that they can be worn in so many different settings, both in warm and cool weather, and with a variety of different accessories.

Kurtis, another word used to describe this type of clothing, go well with pants and skirts, and they can even be worn as dresses with leggings underneath. Accessorizing these women’s tops can be an adventure because they are so colorful, leaving many possibilities for accompanying jewelry and scarves. Expertly crafted tunics of any style will demand the attention of anyone within the room whether one is at the office or out for a stroll in the park.

One thing that most of these Bollywood inspired tunics have in common is that they are eye-catching. Some of them feature single colors only, with rich hues of deep blues, bright greens and the like. However, many feature complex patterns. Floral patterns are popular, while other designs are inspired by royal emblems or art. Patchwork, embroidery and sequins are all elements that can be a part of such kurtis, and beaded neck and hem lines can add another elegant touch.

Bollywood inspired tunics are feminine and intricately designed in order to bring out the best in every woman wearing them. Any woman can feel like a star while garbed in one of these unique fashion pieces that celebrates the vivacious culture of India. A group of friends can buy matching tunics and try to recreate an epic Bollywood scene themselves; most kurtis can be customized to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Of course, one doesn’t even have to enjoy Bollywood movies to appreciate the value of Bollywood inspired tunics. Whether the pattern is simple stripes of a complex arrangement of paisley or flowers, the appeal of these garments is easy to see. Pricing varies according to the design of each particular women’s top. Some are more complex, and such adornments as sashes and buttons make the kurtis stand out even more.

Women who are interested in adding an unusual touch to their wardrobe should investigate the many different Bollywood inspired tunics that are for sale. There are so many different patterns and styles that it’s difficult to choose just one, and there’s no reason that a closet couldn’t be filled with these Bollywood inspired tunics, adding color and fun to every day’s wardrobe.