• Tremendous range of jewelry.
  • An absolutely exclusive collection that cannot be found on any other site.
  • Showcases the whole ethnic jewelry range, and not just costume jewelry.
  • High quality of metals, stones and craftsmanship in every piece.
  • From affordable to expensive - a perfect fit for all budgets and occasions.
  • What turns a duchess into a supermodel, and a supermodel into a duchess? Why, the proper jewels, of course.
  • India, the fabled treasure box of Asia, is the place to buy imitation jewelry you can really have fun with. Now, Utsav, India’s finest purveyor of imitation jewelry, costume jewels and faux gems, is finally online with dazzling necklaces, earrings, bangles and beads to seduce the eye and placate the pocketbook. Indian imitation jewelry is this season’s hottest fashion accessory, and Utsav is the first name in Indian imitation jewelry.
  • Want to turn that boring office outfit into a fashion ensemble you’re not ashamed to go clubbing in? Style it like the Queen of Bollywood! Spruce it up with some imitation Indian jewelry – a studded necklace in lapis lazuli blue, emerald green, or aquamarine hues. Dazzle him at a distance with bold gold latticework embedded with glittering paste diamonds, rubies and sapphires; lure him closer with Victorian-style macramé necklaces set with subtle hints of sparkle, semi-precious citrine, amethyst, garnet, moonstones, onyx and quartz.
  • Once a cheap disposable accessory meant to mimic more expensive jewelry, today imitation jewelry has become an art form and a collectable. Many women buy their fashion jewelry first, and then plan their outfits! The perfect look for Utsav’s golden polki necklace set? It’ll be as individual as you are. The only guarantee we can make: you will stand out from the crowd!
  • Utsav’s imitation jewelry is the perfect blend of the traditional and the trendy. Utsav’s fashion jewelry settings range from classic materials like brass and oxidized metals to the latest styles of in macramé and bangles. Utsav combines bold designs, eye-catching stones and intricate patterns with excellent craftsmanship and budget-friendly prices. Your satisfaction is our number one priority: we do free alterations and modifications when mistakes are made, whether the error originated on your end or ours.
  • Much of the fashion jewelry popular throughout India today owes its inspiration to the Mogul dynasty, a northern Indian dynasty initially that came to embrace two thirds of the Indian subcontinent. Under the Moguls, feminine jewelry became more elaborate, covering a woman’s body from head to toe, almost as completely her clothes. There were hair ornaments of precious metals and jewels covering her hair; bracelets, armbands and bangles covering upper and lower arms; earrings dangling to her shoulders; elaborate rings that attached to bracelets; nose rings, toe rings and anklets – but above all the her sumptuous, elaborate, filigreed necklaces and pendants, signifying her singular wealth and position.
  • In Indian culture, colors are symbolic of emotions –adding a whole new dimension of fun to wearing the imitation jewelry you buy from Utsav. Red stands for purity, fertility and sensual union – in India, red is the traditional color of brides. Signify your smoldering desire for your man by wearing a pair of dangling red cloisonné and metal earrings from Utsav – you’ll know what the color means, even if he doesn’t… and the night will go on from there! Utsav fashion jewelry is the number one choice for fashion fun.

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Pink, green and off white pair of two bangle set , exclusively studded with imitation kundan, polki and beads .
   Good one
By Ruplen from United Arab Emirates on 5/31/2012 1:21:11 PM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I am very happy with my order. It is a beautiful studded bangle. I love the fine kundan and bead work. The bangle is very nice. Thank you.
Mesmerize the crowd with this off white stone studded imitation earring  is exclusively designed with stone. This will surely add glamour in your persona.
By Salima from Argentina on 5/31/2012 1:19:20 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I received my earrings on time. The customer service was excellent. It looks very beautiful. Thanks Utsav Team. Keep up the good work!!
Create a sensation all over with this off white stone studded imitation earring  is exclusively designed with stone and beads. This will surely add glamour in your persona.
By Abdiel from United Kingdom on 5/31/2012 1:23:05 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I really love this studded earring. It is designed superbly with stone and bead work. Thank you very much for the great work. Keep it up.
Off White  pair of four bangle set is exclusively studded with american diamond and electroplated with golden radium polish.
   Nice bangle
By Superna from Switzerland on 5/31/2012 1:18:17 PM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I have ordered for diamond studded bangle. They were beautiful and does full justice to the description written. Thank god I ordered it from Utsav Fashion. Thank q guys....
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