• The variety is endless and has something for everyone.
  • An unusual and unique selection of ethnic handbags specially suited to occasions and celebrations.
  • The handcrafted embroidery make the bags exclusive
  • The bags match every budget, fabric preference, size and suitability.
  • Bags in every color so they can be perfectly matched with the attire.
  • When dressing up on the town, a collection of evening clutch purses is essential! Available in many colors, shapes, and styles, these bags are like shoes; they are accessories with powerful appeal and the ability to glamorize an outfit.
  • Why are these handbags so terrific to own and accessory-unique? Firstly, the very term "clutch purse" differentiates them from other ladies' bags. They're called clutches because they were initially designed to be clutched, or held, in the hand. They've evolved through the years, some still tiny and hand held, others a bit larger and lending themselves to being held under the arm or by a small handle or shoulder strap. There are even "wristlet" styles, usually soft and cylindrical, ensuring the wearer can keep them safely on the wrist. Still, as handbags go, evening clutch purses are relatively small, their compactness contributing to their unique appeal. Roomy enough for makeup and other essentials, but small enough to be a reminder that the workday has been left behind, they encourage evening life enjoyment!
  • Evening clutch purses have quite a history, making their first appearance in the eighteenth century as netted fabric purses. Used by those formally attired, they delicately encased their hankies, smelling salts, and rice papers for dabbing shiny faces. Not as popular a century later, they experienced a surge during World War II's manufacturing limitations, when less fabric availability suited their requirements and feminine wartime fashion tastes, too.
  • Since then, their appeal has grown, giving modern designers free rein to take the small purse concept to much greater heights. Now evening clutch purses go everywhere from the prom to Hollywood's red carpet, and like footwear, well dressed women are likely to have unlimited styles and colors in their closet. Contributing to this is the affordability of bags that are clearly designer-inspired, achieving a glamorous look with less costly materials that nonetheless sparkle, shine, and exude charm, the essence of attractive evening bags.
  • What current trends influence evening clutch purses? The classic shapes, square and rectangular, remain popular, often embellished with beads, rhinestones, colored or gem stones, embroidery and other adornments, particularly with fabric covers of luscious silk or satin looking materials. Besides these, modern styles flaunt other shapes and interesting angles, sometimes boldly pattered, often highlighted by beading, floral designs, embroidery, or other handwork. Fabric clutches may be sleek looking or gathered to enhance velvets and soft materials. Today's colors are particularly vivid, displaying jewel toned fabrics and bright leather looks. Also stylish are beautiful metallic bags in silver, gold, copper and bronze. Designed to jazz up dressy outfits, evening clutch purses strongly contrast with larger, everyday purses that must accessorize professional attire while holding daily essentials.
  • Therefore, when shopping for evening clutch purses, women should remember they're making more lighthearted choices than with everyday handbags or totes. They should first consider their outfit. Glittering, colorful purses add sparkle to a plain dress or emphasize a sparkly, but impossible-to-match colored outfit. Next to consider is what basic necessities will the evening require? It's not hard to find evening clutch purses roomy enough to accommodate keys, even cell phones, without compromising the classy elegance that characterizes them

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Keep ahead in fashion race with this green embroidered clutch bag.  It is beautifully adorned with Stone, zircon and beads work. Slight variation in colour is possible.
By Aalia from Mexico on 1/31/2012 12:40:05 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : Received parcel today. Bag is excellent. Great design and color. It looks fabulous on my sister. Thanx.
Pamper the women in you with this brown embroidered clutch bag. It is beautifully crafted with mirror and metal stone brooch work. Slight variation in colour is possible.
   Sooooooo lovely
By Mayuri from Mexico on 1/31/2012 12:48:00 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. Brooch work is sooooooo lovely. I am impressed. Thank you again.
Stand out from the rest with this maroon embroidered clutch bag. It is uniquely crafted with beads, nakshi, stone and sequins work. Slight variation in colour is possible.
   Embroidered bag
By Chitra from India on 1/31/2012 12:42:12 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I just want to say, many many thanks for the embroidered bag. It was both very very nice, and the size was really perfect. Sure i will order more bag from your site next time. Thanks..
Keep ahead in fashion race with this turquoise blue embroidered clutch bag. It is uniquely crafted with stone, beads, sequins and zircon work. Slight variation in colour is possible.
   Beatiful color
By Nimisha from India on 1/31/2012 12:45:52 PM
Bottom Line :Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : I love this blue clutch bag. I bought it to party. It is just stunning. The bag are a little heavy. Thank you..
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