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  • Cotton is the main clothing fiber of the world. It is the coolest, most comfortable and softest piece of cloth available for your use. The production of the fabric plays a key role in the world prosperity and economic stability. The reason why cotton wrinkles added to the mixing of polyester in order to give the cloth the wash and wear properties for a busy world. Cotton is quite fluffy staple fiber growing in a boll or protective capsule around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium. The plant is typically found in tropical and subtropical regions of the word particularly in America, India, Africa and Pakistan. The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread as well as used to make a breathable textile that is quite popularly used natural fiber clothing in today�s world.
  • Through using this versatile fabric, not only you will be getting the highest quality clothing but also become a shareholder in preservation of environment. The fabric comes in range of colors to satisfy your appetite for fashion.
  • Cotton fabric is quite popularly used in making highest quality ladies wear and for that, a host of colors like red, pink, yellow and tangerine are available. T-shirts, skirts, trousers as well as other blouses made of cotton look terrific.
  • Cotton fabric caters to not only women�s wear but also used in making men�s wear. The usage of unadulterated cotton in making of these fabrics does render them gentle to any type of skin. You can quite easily make varied types of men�s garments by using these environment friendly fabrics.
  • As the raw cotton is used in making out this lovely fabric, you can easily make out that it is the most ideal fabric for baby clothes. There are several parents who are into preferring organic cotton baby apparel for their precious little babies. Rest assure that the cloth which touches a baby�s sensitive skin hasn�t been bombarded with hazardous chemicals.
  • Apart from babies, kids also do benefit in case they are wearing garments made from environmentally friendly type of fabrics. This is because they too have sensitive skin. You must make sure that they grow up using clothing that doesn�t harm their skin.

There are quite some popular types of cotton. These are:-

Muslin- It is a sheer to coarse plain woven cotton fabric. Muslin does come in natural color or is dyed.

Organdy is yet another piece of thin cotton, transparent cotton having a crisp finish.

Outing flannel is quite soft, twill or plain weave fabric that is napped on both sides. It can be used for baby clothes, diapers and sleepwear.

Percale is quite light-weight, closy woven, sturdy fabric found printed in dark clothes.

Polished cotton is quite a satin weave cotton that is finished in a chemical process for appearing shiny.

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