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  • Ari embroidery of Gujarat is quite famous not only within the boundaries of the country but also beyond. On their way to Gujarat, tourists, both domestic and international do make sure to handpick some of these magnificent items. Ari embroidery finds a special place among the premier handicrafts of Gujarat.
  • Shisha embroidery is another term used for mirror work or abla embroidery. It is a kind of embroidery that combines small pieces of mirrors reflective metal to fabric. The term �shisha� refers to glass in Persia and the very word is transferred to Hindi or Urdu and also related languages. Shisha embroidery was firstly brought to India by Mughals and is quite common on the Indian subcontinent especially in parts of Gujrat, Rajasthan, Haryana as well as Delhi. This very type of embroidery does offer a sparkling appearance to the brightly-colored clothes that are worn in the very region and is quite famous for use on hangings, clothing and domestic textiles.
  • Originally, pieces of mica were used as the shisha, however, later thin blown glass pieces were broken as well as used. However, today shisha embroidery does make use of small mirrors that are commercially available. Care must be taken while using this and so as to make sure to file the edges first so that the shesha isn�t sharp.
  • As a part of Indian cultural designs, minuscule shisha embroidery is purely done on heavily embroidered yoke with white thread mixed with red, orange, blue and green by the Garari Jat community. This kind of needlework does include vibrant colors and threads of cotton or silk.
  • Not all shisha is used in this type of embroidery. There are several reflective additions used in embroidery that include some shiny minerals like hand-blown glass . Also, sequins along with other shiny man-made embellishments may also be substituted. The mirrors used aren�t restricted to a circular shape. Shisha are quite possibly available in round, square, triangular or polygonal varieties.
  • Usually, shisha is used for accentuating the bright designs of the embroidery. It can, in turn be used for creating a specific component of a literal design or even as some point of interest in an abstract geometrical pattern. In both ways, the reflective quality offers an almost three-dimensional look to an otherwise flat design. The shisha is quietly placed in holes that in turn have been cut to shape within the fabric. Moreover, shisha is then held in place by a set of structural stitching covered over by the visible and elaborating stitches.
  • Just like with more needle crafts, there are several types of stitches used in shisha embroidery. Those who are skilled in needlework are familiar with that. The stitches that are most commonly used does include chain stitch, detached chain stitch as well as herringbone stitch. In quite a lot of pieces, experienced embroiders will also spot stem stitch, satin stitch and blanket stitch all around the shisha work.

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Beige net resham embroidered saree. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
By sunu from merseyside united kingdom on 5/9/2013 11:43:37 PM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :gorgeous saree, looks even better than the photograph, amazing, very happy with this saree.
Different occasions demand different looks and the design finds much importance after the rich the colour. This suede cream faux georgette saree with blouse is beautifully designed. This saree is embellished with golden dot print, resham, zari, sequins and patch work. Deep fawn raw silk blouse is available with this and the blouse shown is only for photography purpose. Slight variation in color and patch patti pattern is possible.
   Beautiful Saree
By Texan from Texas on 5/8/2013 8:58:52 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : This is a very beautiful saree and true to the picture. Very impressed with it
Wine faux chiffon saree designed with resham, zari and patch border work. As shown matching blouse can be made available and also can be customized as per your style or pattern subject to fabric limitation. (Slight variation in color is possible. )
By Mahreen from NEW JERSEY on 5/17/2013 5:34:45 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Comments :I just bought this saree and i love the color and stitching
Purple and light green net and brasso faux georgette saree designed with zari, resham, stone and patch border work. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
   Superb Saree
By Devi from Melbourne on 5/17/2013 5:20:06 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :Saree is just as same as photo...thanks to utsav to sell such a beautiful and latest designed sarees....i want to say just one word...that .....I loved it.........
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