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  • The art of phulkari embroidery dates back to the early years of 19th century when the odhni included embroided flowers. Phulkari, originally means flower-crafting and does includes colorful embroidery originating from Punjab. Throughout these years, the embroidery has become heavy and the work got more complex. Heavily embroidered odhnis have come to be known as bagh that is literally garden. In this very style statement, the embroidery does cover every inch of the entire base material so that the cloth becomes completely invisible.
  • In short, phulkari is ornamented by a regular design with the skillful handling of darning. The true beauty of phulkari is mainly enhanced with the color of ground material. Khaddar cloth that is handspun and hand woven cotton material is in particular used for embroidery. The color ranges from white, red, blue or black.
  • The thread that is particularly used is pure silk. The untwisted silken floss is known as PAT. Some of the colors prepared in selection of silk floss for phulkari work are golden yellow, white, crimson, red and orange. The main quality of phulkari embroidery is that its long darning stitches are performed on the wrong side of cloth. But, the pattern does take place on the right side. This means that the embroidery is performed on the other side of the fabric giving a shaded effect to the fabric. The kind of smoothness on the right side of the fabric does speak volume of the quality of workmanship and skill of the embroidery.
  • The motifs used in phulkari are commonly made up of horizontal, vertical and diagonal stitches, for production of geometric designs. The motifs are particularly being karela bagh, gobhi bagh, dhaniya bagh and mirchi bagh that are based on motifs stimulated by vegetables whereas Shalimar charbagh and chaurasia bagh are motifs grounded on famed gardens. Satrangas represent seven colored motifs whereas the most common and beautiful motifs is grounded on the wheat and barley stalks growing all over the state of Punjab.
  • The stitch craft of Phulkari embroidery makes use of long-short darning stitches. It is quite a unique method of embroidery as it is worked totally on the wrong side of the cloth with pattern taking shape on the very right hand side. One of the interesting facts is that the very design is neither drawn nor traced.
  • There are several types of phulkari. The Chope and Suber remain the wedding phulkari which is presented to the bride by her parents during the wedding.
    Saloo represent the plain red and dark khaddar shawl for daily wear.
    Til Patra shawls do possess little embroidery and are inferior quality khaddar.
    Nilak is done on black or navy blue khaddar along with yellow or crimson red pat.

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Beige net resham embroidered saree. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
By sunu from merseyside united kingdom on 5/9/2013 11:43:37 PM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :gorgeous saree, looks even better than the photograph, amazing, very happy with this saree.
Different occasions demand different looks and the design finds much importance after the rich the colour. This suede cream faux georgette saree with blouse is beautifully designed. This saree is embellished with golden dot print, resham, zari, sequins and patch work. Deep fawn raw silk blouse is available with this and the blouse shown is only for photography purpose. Slight variation in color and patch patti pattern is possible.
   Beautiful Saree
By Texan from Texas on 5/8/2013 8:58:52 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments : This is a very beautiful saree and true to the picture. Very impressed with it
Wine faux chiffon saree designed with resham, zari and patch border work. As shown matching blouse can be made available and also can be customized as per your style or pattern subject to fabric limitation. (Slight variation in color is possible. )
By Mahreen from NEW JERSEY on 5/17/2013 5:34:45 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Comments :I just bought this saree and i love the color and stitching
Purple and light green net and brasso faux georgette saree designed with zari, resham, stone and patch border work. Available with matching blouse, blouse shown in the image is just for photography purpose. (Slight variation in color and patch border is possible.)
   Superb Saree
By Devi from Melbourne on 5/17/2013 5:20:06 AM
Bottom Line : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments :Saree is just as same as photo...thanks to utsav to sell such a beautiful and latest designed sarees....i want to say just one word...that .....I loved it.........
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