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A highly revered fabric, art silk is a timeless, tried and proven fabric that is widely loved for its soft smoothness, its luster and shine and its graceful and sensuous folds which lend themselves exquisitely to designing. Utsavs range of Indian art silk textiles is popular worldwide because of the sheer variety of designs, weaving and quality.

Traditional Indian art silk dresses the very word conjures up visions of a fabric fit for a king. You can browse the Utsav Collection of art silks for wedding wear, bridal wear, festive wear and party wear. Art silks are perfect designer wear too and can make innovative clothing. There are so many different varieties to choose from and there is art silk to suit all types of garment. For more structured Indian dresses where the designer wants to dictate the silhouette and give it definite lines, the best choice would be raw silk, tasar, brocade or silk blended with cotton". The most common & popular fabrics remains the banarasi, jamawar, pot-thans, atlas and katans. These art silk varieties are available in Utsavs range of lehenga cholis - in different styles spanning Wedding Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga, Mermaid Lehenga, Designer Lehenga, Umbrella Lehenga, Bollywood Lehenga, A-line Bridal Lehenga and so much more.

Indian dresses like salwar kameezes, dupattas, scarves, dhotis, turbans and shawls are widely demanded in art silk. If you are a art silk lover, its time to come aboard Utsav!

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